Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 140: President Linda Livingstone

Hello and welcome to the Women Leaders Podcast. I’m your host, Patti Phillips… 
Today I am thrilled joined by the President of Baylor University, Dr. Linda Livingstone! President Livingstone, a former Division I Women’s Basketball player and the current chair of the NCAA Board of Governors, has led Baylor through an impressive transformation during her tenure that started in 2017.  
Throughout our conversation, she breaks down her leadership style and the importance of creating a culture that works. Hear straight from the President on what qualities she looks for when hiring and tactical leadership skills women can improve on to land the next role.  
We also talk candidly about the slow pace of women elevating into the Athletic Director level, and she provides ideas and strategies on how to change that.  
Lots of great nuggets here, let’s dive into this important conversation…and remember, We Are Women Leaders.  


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