Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 134: Ross Bjork & Kristen Brown

Hello and welcome to the Women Leaders Podcast. I’m your host, Patti Phillips….CEO of Women Leaders in College Sports. Today we bring you part two of our series on Managing Up, and we have Texas A&M in the house!


I am joined by Kristen Brown, Deputy Athletics Director, and Senior Women’s Administrator and Ross Bjork, Director of Athletics. They are a dynamic duo and we have a great convo.


Kristen is an all-star coming to Aggieland in 2020, after serving as an Associate Athletic Director for administration at the University of Maryland since 2014. She has a huge portfolio at A & M, and obviously manages up to Ross.


Ross is an industry veteran with a proven track record of success AND empowering women at every stop in his career. He has managed up to many leaders throughout his career, and currently manages up the President of Texas A&M, Katherine Banks, who also happens to be the first woman president he has worked for.


This is a continuation of the conversation from our last episode, where New York Times Best Selling Author Lindsey Pollak discussed the concept of Managing Up. It was a great follow-up to hear from two industry executives who do this day in and day out with, and for, one another.


If you missed the last episode, make sure to go back and give it a listen, because no matter where you are in your career, managing up is essential to getting you to that next level!

Here we go with part 2...enjoy! Remember, We are Women Leaders.

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